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From Tech Rams <>
Subject RE: base64 elements linebreak
Date Wed, 25 Jan 2006 18:16:42 GMT
BTW, OpenSSL has a flag for such cases - BIO_FLAGS_BASE64_NO_NL. Setting this flag would allow
data with no line breaks to be decoded.

Scott Cantor <> wrote:
  > While wrapping at 76 appears to do neither good nor
> harm in the XML world, I still "feel" this is "ugly".
> Large autogenerated XML docs usually contain no
> linebreaks and appear on one line.
> Except when you sign them with Apache xmlsec, now
> they get a few extra linebreaks...
> I personally would prefer no linebreaks, but maybe
> there was a good reason it was coded that way?

Try decoding those single line blobs with OpenSSL. Boom. For a lot of apps,
that's a serious problem.

C++ xmlsec had to recode around this and stop using OpenSSL calls to load
certificates and such, but the issue still crops up.

-- Scott


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