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From Ulrich Ackermann <>
Subject Re: Examples for XMLSignature with private key on a Smartcard
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2006 13:02:00 GMT
Hi Sean,

Thank you for your response. 
It seems that my question wasn't as clear as I thought it would be. I Haven't got any problems
in using a Smartcard. I DO have got problems in getting the right hash, that has to be encrypted
with the private key on the Smartcard (or on any other hardware crypto device).
I have used the example class which is included in the XML Security download. But it gets
me a different SignatureValue, when I calculate the digest of the SignedInfo element outside
the framework and encrypt it on a smartcard (or for testing purposes with a software key as
I did).

So, maybe I should narrow my question down to "How do I get the bytes, that the XML security
framework uses for hashing?" or "Is there a way, to get the hash of the SignedInfo element
from the XML security framework?"

Thank you very much and sorry for the misleading question,
Ulrich schrieb am 23.01.06 23:13:40:

Does the card support PKCS#11? If so, have you tried using it with a 
PKCS#11 JCE provider, such as the one in Sun's JDK 5.0? :


Ulrich Ackermann wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been looking quit a while without any luck for any advice or
> examples for getting an XMLSignature done with the constraint, that
> the private key can't be offered the XML Security framework (because
> he is on a Smartcard, e.g.). All attempts getting or creating the
> "right" digest and encrypting it with the private key outside didn't
> lead to any result either.
> Has anybody anywhere accomplished this task (which shouldn't be too
> extraordinary...)? Any help (links, example code etc.) is much
> appreciated!
> Thanks in advance, Ulrich 
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