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From "Cullum, Steve" <>
Subject RE: XMLSEC 'C/C++' bugs
Date Mon, 19 Dec 2005 11:08:33 GMT
Phewww.....glad your still with us Berin

Hope I did not seem rude/pushy regarding the fixes; I know how much
effort, contribution you have put into the library.  And I also
appreciate the work you did to help me personally deliver a project on

I was just panicking; the C++ faction of the newsgroup seems to have
dissolved in the last few months.  For a while I thought I was the only
one using it..

Merry Xmas all.


-----Original Message-----
From: Berin Lautenbach [] 
Sent: 19 December 2005 09:22
Subject: Re: XMLSEC 'C/C++' bugs

Berin is indeed here.  I just don't seem to be able to get time at the
moment.  But I have seen the bug fixes - and I am hoping to get time in
the next few weeks (time off over Christmas will be good!)


Scott Cantor wrote:

>>I recently posted some bug reports to this newsgroup regarding some 
>>errors inside the C/C++ library.
>>It would seem this newsgroup has been directed more towards the Java 
>>library in the last few months, i am just wondering if anyone is still

>>working on the C/C++ library?
> Berin's still around, last I knew. And I'm using the library, so I 
> can't afford to let it die, if that means anything. ;-)
> I assume you're quite used to the fact that hardly anybody uses C++ 
> for XML stuff, so it shouldn't be unusual for all the discussion to be
about Java.
> -- Scott

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