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From Venu <K.Venugo...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: xmlsec 1.3 released... and now what's left.
Date Sat, 26 Nov 2005 04:47:52 GMT
Hello Raul,

Raul Benito wrote:
> Hello Everybody,
>   After the painful release of the xmlsec(mainly because of the
> updating of the web page, and deadlines in my "day" job), I begin to
> wonder where the java xml sec should lead.
> From my area of expertise, performance:
>   The fast path (URI selection, only enveloping transformation)  is as
> fast as it can gets(about 10% overhead of plain serialization and
> digesting), it can only get better with JCE(70% of execution time)
> speed ups (Juice any one??).
>    Anyhow perhaps is time to improve performance in the slow(xpath
> transformation) path. with a little help we can get rid off the slow 
> circunventbug call.
>    Or perhaps is better to pursue newer fields, I having playing with
> SAX and the results are impressive, documents that the DOM library can
> not ever dream manage the SAX handles without any memory adjustments,
> and fast as hell.
>   But SAX is not the api of mode anymore perhaps is better to take a
> look Stax and begin to work on it. It seems that are more projects
> using Stax than sax nowadays (axis, xmlbeans,...).
Are  you suggesting you want to get rid of DOM , can you elaborate a bit 
?  Canonicalizers are easy to build using StAX writer


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