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From "David Garcia" <>
Subject method issue
Date Thu, 08 Sep 2005 14:10:06 GMT
Working with the method getTransforms from the RetrievalMethod object I
found that to retrieve the Transforms node  the code is the following:
    * Method getTransforms
    * @throws XMLSecurityException
    * @return
   public Transforms getTransforms() throws XMLSecurityException {
      try {
       Element transformsElem
MS, 0); 
            // this method always returns null!!!! because the
contructionElement is not a transforms it's a RetrievalMethod Node
instead of this the code should be
            // Element transformsElem
MS, 0); 
       Element transformsElem
            //here the first child, if exists must be a transforms node
If this bug has already been solved simple ignore this mail ;P ;)
Dave Garcia

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