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From Clive Brettingham-Moore <>
Subject Re: xml-sec 1.3C1
Date Fri, 19 Aug 2005 01:57:10 GMT
Quick test suggests it works fine with my app  :-)
(not exaustive testing but it should have exercised the changes I 
suggested in XMLCipher: reference parsing & exposing encryptData )

Raul Benito wrote:

>Hi again,
> I have taged and upload to apache the 1.3RC1. This version has
>several bugs fixeds.
>(The changelog will be update at the end). There is only one open bug
>in bugzilla (thanks a lot Sean!!!) and it really seams a WONTFIX one.
> There is only one suspecting issue reporting in the mailling list(the
>"Java canonicalizer unrendered namespaces") I will try to investigate
>it (but it seems more an error in the DOM tree that in the library as
>it hits a very common path, with a testcase that right now is passing)
>  So grab from the apache
>and have fun.

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