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From Berin Lautenbach <>
Subject Re: OpenSSL digest
Date Mon, 25 Jul 2005 10:07:33 GMT
Hmm - you're right.  Not good.  Are you cool to add the code in the 

I'd fix it - but my checked out copy is broken at the moment, so I 
wouldn't be able to test.  (I've been doing optimisation work all over 
the place - I found this site ( ) that 
benchmarks various signature implementation.  I never thought the C++ 
library was quick, but I hadn't realised it was *that* slow.  So I've 
been doing all the performance improvements I've meant to do for a long 

Most are done - with significant speed increases.  I'll document them in 
an e-mail soon.  I have one more that I'm working on, which is to 
canonicalise in UTF-16 and then transcode the results to UTF-8. 
Currently the code transcodes each separate part (e.g. node name, then 
node value) to UTF-8 separately, and then outputs.  That's putting a 
huge load on the transcoder as it gets called thousands of times in a 
big document for tiny bits of data, when we could do it once or twice 
with large blocks.


Milan Tomic wrote:

> Berin,
> While examining OpenSSLCryptoHash.cpp, I have noticed that destructor is
> empty and that call to EVP_MD_CTX_cleanup() is missing in it, as it is
> shown in this example:
> Best regards,
> Milan

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