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From Berin Lautenbach <>
Subject Use of URIs rather than enums in C++ library
Date Mon, 04 Jul 2005 12:34:37 GMT

I have done some work to implement an algorithm mapper for the signature 
and digest algorithms in the C++ library.  As part of this, I have 
implemented new methods that allow callers to create new signatures or 
references using URIs rather than the current enumerated type.   This is 
for two reasons

1.  The algorithm mapper makes the library more extensible - you can 
implement a new algorithm (with associated URI) and register it with the 
library.  Thus the library does not have to know about a particular 
algorithm for it to be useable.

2.  The enumerated types become a bit more hidden to callers - you don't 
need to know the algorithm enum, you just have to pass in the standard URI.

The reason for the e-mail - I'm going to check all this in later in the 
week.  I've marked the old signature and reference creation calls (using 
enums) as deprecated, as it was probably a bad idea to go down that path 
in the first place.

But does anyone feel they (the enum based creation calls) should be left 
in-perpetuity?  (They won't be removed quickly, but they will eventually 


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