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From Mike Haller <>
Subject Re: Newbie question
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2005 10:05:38 GMT
Yes Berin, thanks,

i don't know why Canonicalization doesn't address this problem at all. 
It sounds like being incomplete to me. One the one hand, there is taken 
effort to "normalize" the XML document so it can be signed to 
avoidproblems with formattings - on the other hand something simple like 
newlines isn't addressed. I don't understand it.

Now, i'm removing all newlines (empty text nodes after trim()) from the 
document before signing. this helped, but is hack :(


Berin Lautenbach schrieb:
> Mike Haller wrote:
>> But after some marshalling/unmarshalling with Castor, the resulting 
>> Document has no newlines any more, hence the SignatureValue of the 
>> SignedInfo element is invalid.
>> How do I tell XMLSignature to add newlines into the SignedInfo before 
>> validation? Or should I remove the newlines before signing? And how to 
>> do that?
> Unfortunately, you can't get XMLSignature to add or delete new lines 
> during signing/verification.  There is no way for the library to know 
> how many new lines to add, how to indent, etc. to get back to the 
> original form.  So if you have something in the processing of your XML 
> that removes this pretty-printing, you need to make sure it happens 
> *before* you sign, so that what is signed is also what will be validated 
> (in terms of newlines/tabs/spaces etc.)
>> I don't know why the Canonicalization fails at the verification 
>> process, do I have to add the same transforms from the signing process 
>> again in the verification process? I thought that it's sufficient to 
>> add them in signing process, since the canon method is clearly visible 
>> in the Signature element itself.
> Canonicalisation doesn't remove or add newlines.  It simply transforms 
> everything in the XML into a standard bytewise format.
>> kind regards
>> Mike
> Hope that helps!
> Cheers,
>     Berin

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