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From Mike Haller <>
Subject Newbie question
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2005 12:14:19 GMT

in hope this is the correct mailing list, here my question:

Signing works, verification works.

But after some marshalling/unmarshalling with Castor, the resulting 
Document has no newlines any more, hence the SignatureValue of the 
SignedInfo element is invalid.

How do I tell XMLSignature to add newlines into the SignedInfo before 
validation? Or should I remove the newlines before signing? And how to 
do that?

I don't know why the Canonicalization fails at the verification process, 
do I have to add the same transforms from the signing process again in 
the verification process? I thought that it's sufficient to add them in 
signing process, since the canon method is clearly visible in the 
Signature element itself.

kind regards

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