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From Carolyn Cole <>
Subject XML Security 1.1.1 vs 1.2.1
Date Wed, 18 May 2005 13:46:37 GMT

I am currently trying to upgrade from XML Security 1.1.1 to XML Security 1.2.1.

My code that previously worked to insert and enveloped signature and verify 
that signature in 1.1.1 now does not work.

I have attached the code, which I built from the samples:

I have noted that the code runs under 1.2.1 if the xml does not include a 
name space.

The other item I noted in the debug I have attached is that 1.1.1 uses my 
bouncy castle provider.  1.2.1 for some reason uses Sun's provider.

The only difference when I run the programs is the XML security jars.

I am actually using the 1.2.1 data files for the 1.1.1 run as well as the 
1.2.1 run.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get 1.2.1 running?

Any help would be appreciated.


-- Carolyn
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