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From Davanum Srinivas <>
Subject Re: Source for XKMS classes
Date Sat, 14 May 2005 21:19:25 GMT

Awesome!! can you please use the bugzilla and upload the sources as
attachment, and in the comments say that you wish to donate this to


On 5/14/05, Kenneth Jensen <> wrote:
> Mjello,
> As some may have noted, I have posted a few questions related to XKMS.
> The reason is that I have been doing a masters thesis, focusing on
> XKMS and developing components to support it.
> My thesis is due in a few weeks time, and I am busy writing the
> report, so I guess I won't get much work done on the code until then.
> The code uses the packages, and the original
> plan (rather optimistic, it seems) was to have a nice and
> nearly-complete XKMS library ready by now, which would integrate with
> the xml-security library and of such quality, that I could submit it
> as a "proposal for a patch" for the project.  It seems I grossly
> underestimated the gorge between my own effectiveness and the size of
> the task, so what exists now is mostly a quite rough prototype
> implementing part of the XKMS functionality. :-)
> Current features include:
> *a framework consisting of Java classes reflecting the XML schema for
> XKMS, for building the messages (wrapping the DOM ops in a nicer(?)
> interface)
> *command line client, supporting XKMS requests of the types Locate,
> Validate and Register
> *support for 2-phase requests (manual) :-)
> *servlet based server, with MySQL as back end storage supporting
> Register and Locate requests (Validate is in the pipeline )
> *support for 2 phase requests
> -server supports storing certificates of X509 type only
> -only HTTP support - no SOAP and SSL yet. :(
> -no support for async. processing yet
> + some maintenance stuff, junit classes, ant build file, javadocs etc.
> I plan to at least get the Validate function working, as I am
> currently writing pseuducode for it for the report, and hopefully I
> can fix SOAP support too, in the period between I turn in the paper
> and my exam.
> And, unless the censor decides to kick my face in at the exam,
> traumatizing my relationship to programming, I will probably try and
> finish the project afterwards.  :-)
> Should anybody be interested, the source is currently available at
> or
> and there is a test instance of the
> service running at
> If the thesis gets accepted, I'd like to thank Berin for technical
> assistance and inspiration and Karel Wouters for the idea to the
> project. :-)
> ---
> Cheers,
> Kenneth

Davanum Srinivas -

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