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From Raúl Herranz Serrano <>
Subject Is the XMLSignature class blocking a file?
Date Thu, 19 May 2005 08:59:09 GMT

I'm using the XMLSignature class to verify the sign of a document: I'm receiving the signature
file and the original file as byte arrays, so I create a temporal directory, and then write
2 files into the directory, one for the signature file and the other one for the original
document file. Once I have verified the sign I'm trying to delete the files and the directory,
but only the signature file is deleted. After doing some test I have determined that the problem
is with the checkSignatureValue methods (in both, the one that receive a pk, and the one that
receive a cert) that looks like it is blocking the original document file and does not unlock
it after the verification...

Anyone can help me? Thanks in advance!

    Raúl Herranz (Spain)
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