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From Pushyamitra Navare <>
Subject Re: Verification problems
Date Thu, 28 Apr 2005 13:18:52 GMT
Hi Berin,
Thanks for replying.

On Saturday 23 Apr 2005 5:30 am, Berin Lautenbach wrote:
> Pushya,
>  You cannot import *just* the signature into your new document and
> expect it to work.  You have to copy the entire document as what has
> been signed is also in the original doc.
Right , But i have two documents containing signature elements which seem to 
be equal ( when checked using isEqualNode() method ,)
but signature is verified for first and fails for other.
How's that possible ?

I have a signed object called authnResponse which has methods 
getAsElement() , and buildFromDom() .
and I do something like ...
newAuthnResponse = authnResponse.buildFromDom(authnResponse.getAsElement())
 ( i am not even reading from stream etc.)

When i compare authnResponse and newAuthnResponse w.r.t. the
root elements, owner documents , serialised output , data structures etc. 
i cannot find any difference. ( i.e. they are not same but seem to be equal)
signature verification fails for newAuthnResponse 
and works for original authnResponse.

Also , As two Document elements seem to be equal my methods to build and read 
dom elements seem to be ok.

I cannot understand exactly what i should do.

I am using self signed cert. 
Could that be a reason for failure of signatures ?

Can i know the reason for signature failure in any way ?
That would be great help.

Thanks in advance,

Pushyamitra Navare

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