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From <>
Subject RE: XML-Security-C memory leak
Date Tue, 08 Mar 2005 12:05:43 GMT
Hello All

I wonder if I have been boycotted from the xml security mailing list, coz no
one has addressed my plea for help with XML DSig.

Anyways, I have been able to generate and validate an enveloped signature.

Another problem beckons me now, if someone could please help me out with it.

It so happens that the signature element has to be inserted at a particular
location in the XML DOM, because of which I cannot use the

But instead have to insert the signature at the location needed.
Now this works fine so long as the generation is concerned, but when it comes
to validation, it just wont work...
If the dbf.setNamespaceAware(true) then the xpath just wont evaluate
If the dbf.setNamespaceAware(false) then the xpath evaluates, but it cribs
with the following error :

******************** Cannot create a
null:null from a element
(Unknown Source)
	at<init>(Unknown Source)
	at com.syntegra.xml.dsig.sign.XMLDSig.verify(
	at com.syntegra.xml.dsig.sign.XMLDSig.main(

Can someone please tell me how do I got about validating such a XML Dsig ????


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