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From "Scott Cantor" <>
Subject RE: Java XML C14n interop with .Net
Date Thu, 31 Mar 2005 17:19:28 GMT
> Using my test xml file, both Glue and .NET C# both produce all of these
> &#xD; elements, while the javax.xml apis produce no &#xD; entities.

Hmm. Reading the spec, it does say that text nodes get changed such that
"all #xD characters are replaced by &#xD;". So, heh, you're right. Guess I
never noticed, SAML doesn't generally contain linefeeds.

But when you say javax.xml, what do you mean? That API doesn't do c14n, it's
the xmlsec code that does that. Or do you just mean you parsed the document
with JAXP? That should be ok, but I'd have to guess that the difference must
be in that step. A whitespace collapse setting is the only thing that makes
any sense to me.

> The Glue and .NET C# begin
> <soap:Envelope 
> xmlns:soap="" ...
> But the javax.xml begins differently
> <soap:Envelope
> soap:encodingStyle=""

Again, this isn't javax.xml, that doesn't have any influence on the c14n
step except for maybe building the input DOM. But, the spec says that
namespace declarations come before other attributes. So the latter would be

> So the whitespace issue isn't my only problem.  Could this be 
> a library issue?

Well, I'm not sure you're canonicalizing here in the Java case. I know they
have interop tests and so forth, so the c14n code isn't *that* broken.

-- Scott

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