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From Raul Benito <>
Subject [VOTE] Java xml security library 1.2.1
Date Mon, 21 Feb 2005 21:31:49 GMT
Shall we release the 1.2.1 version from v1_2_1j label from
CVS(Changelog bellow)?
[ ] +1, Yes
[ ] +0, Don't know
[ ] -1. No.



Version Java 1.2.1 (February 2005(not yet released))
    * remove Clean unused jar (xmlParserAPI.jar,etc) and check and
stored new versions. (RB)
    * remove Clean unused build*.xml files. (RB)
    * update Generated the dist jar with version (i.e.
xmlsec-1.2.1.jar instead of plain xmlsec.jar) (RB)
    * fix Fix a memory leak when using xpath or using ResourceResolver
and not hitting getElementByIdUsingDOM() (RB) Thanks to Sylvain
Dusart. Fixes 32836.
    * fix Fix erroneous creation/verification when using XPath2Filter
and inclusive c14n.(RB)
    * fix Library now throws an exception when asked to sign/verify an
inexistent fragment.(RB) Thanks to Raymond Wong. Fixes 23554.
    * fix Restore reset behaviour as default when reusing
Canonicalizers(but an append one can still be used).(RB)
    * fix Fix a bug when using base64transformation and external
resources.(RB) Thanks to Sean Mullan. Fixes 33393.
    * fix Fix a bug when passing XMLsignatureInput(InputStream)
streams that don't acknowledge reset() as expected. (RB)
    * fix Added i14n Base64 error message. (RB) Thanks to Sean Mullan.
Fixes 32996.

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