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From Berin Lautenbach <>
Subject Re: C++ lib support for SHA-256, etc.?
Date Fri, 18 Feb 2005 09:08:11 GMT
Scott Cantor wrote:

>>A thread on the W3C Dsig mailing list has begun to address the question
>>of alternate algorithms (see
>>r/0030.html), but has not gotten very far (yet).  Maybe you should chime
> Thanks for the pointer.

I've been watching this since it started, and it hasn't really gone 
anywhere.  So I've just given it a kick as I share the same concerns.

BTW - I have compiled up OpenSSL 0.9.8-dev and managed to get it to link 
against the library (some minor changes to structure definitions that 
required some minor changes in the library).  All the tests run fine, so 
I'm going to try to add 256/512 support over the weekend.

If I'm feeling adventurous I might play with RIPEMD as well.

I realise it's against the dev version of OpenSSL, but it's the best I 
can do without actually implementing the algs directly.  (Which I can do 
if there is enough interest?)


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