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From Heiner Westphal <>
Subject Re: enveloping signature
Date Tue, 01 Feb 2005 16:32:21 GMT
Axelle wrote:
[ snip ]
> - how can I build an enveloping signature ? (not an
> enveloped one). 
I once used enveloping sigs in a project. I pulled the
essential code into a testcase and attached it.
The exception handling is left to junit in this case.

The build.xml simply creates a keystore
with private key and corresponding certificate.
The java-file thinks it's in package test.

Put junit.jar and xmlsec.jar on your classpath, compile and run
the example.

To look at the XML documents use toString(). My guess was it would
give me a Document@23456..., but it actualy prints out element and
attrubute names and values.



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