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From def abc <>
Subject Re: Enveloping signature: wrong document err.
Date Wed, 02 Feb 2005 08:54:30 GMT
Raul, Heiner,

Bonjour :-)
Thanks very much for your help: I now have a beautiful
enveloping signature :-)
Thanks too for the link to the CreateEnveloping
sample. I was using the AxisSigner but hadn't seen
that other example !
BTW, as for the intent, it's just to try out this API.
I'm (quite) familiar with XML Signature, but a
beginner to this API.

May I suggest the following for the documentation of
XMLSignature (I don't know why, in my version,
information is scattered through all constructors).
[do please check it correct however].

Best regards,

 * Builds an object representing the ds:Signature
 * XML element for a given document.
 * Initially, 
 * - this object contains an empty ds:SignedInfo
 * - it isn't signed (call sign())
 * - it is only prepared for the given document
 * but not actually written to it (call
doc.appendChild() on the signature element).
 * @param doc the document in which the ds:Signature
 * is created. This document may be different from
 * the document that is being signed.
 * @param baseURI the base URI to use to expand URIs
 * within doc.
 * @param signatureMethodURI the name of the signature
algorithm. For example, ALGO_ID_SIGNATURE_RSA_SHA1.
 * @throws XMLSecurityException


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