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From def abc <>
Subject URI + enveloping signature
Date Tue, 01 Feb 2005 09:16:49 GMT
Hi all,

Those are beginner questions, but I'd like to me sure
I get things straight...
I'm simply trying to sign an XML document I've loaded.

- is there an easy way to provide a URI for a given
document ? I build a File object from the file's name,
and then call .toURL().toString(). Isn't there
anything simpler, once I have a Document object ?
Also, how would I retrieve the URI for only a given
element in the document ? I mean, suppose I have a big
XML document, but I want only to sign the <foo> </foo>
tag. How am I going to provide a URI for that element

- how can I build an enveloping signature ? (not an
enveloped one). 



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