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From Hess Yvan <>
Subject RE: When can we expected to have a new official release
Date Wed, 19 Jan 2005 08:09:35 GMT
Thanks for your answer.

The problem with InputStream is not really solved. I am using an Oracle Clob
as InputStream that apparently supports mark as described into

public void mark(int readLimit)

Marks the current position in the BfileInputStream. A call to the reset( )
method will return you to the last marked position in the BfileInputStream.

ReadLimit - This argument is ignored by the class.

I have a look into the XML security code and I saw that you mark the
InputStream with a value of -1. In this case I get an error because value of
-1 is not supported by the implementation of Oracle Blob. I changed your
code to set it with a value of 0 and it seems working. I checked the Javadoc
of InputStream and I never saw that you have the right to set the readlimit
to -1 meaning that mark must always be valid. InputStream javadoc describes
the parameter as follow "readlimit - the maximum limit of bytes that can be
read before the mark position becomes invalid". The management of this
readlimit value seems to be implementation specific and I think you should
not use this feature in the context of XML apache security. I saw in the
code that in any case when you need to sign a document you need to have the
InputStream as a byte array and for this reason I passed to the constructor
of the XMLSignatureInput my InputStream converted as a bytes array.

Regards. Yvan Hess

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From: Raul Benito []
Sent: mardi, 18. janvier 2005 19:56
Subject: Re: When can we expected to have a new official release

I was thinking in doing 1.2.1 release in February, with the fixed to
your error. But I also want to see if more Bug reports are coming as
people seem to test just released software not the convenient RC ;).
Anyway I'm thinking that February will be a good time to release a
bugfix version.


p.s. Have the CVS HEAD version fix your Exceptions when using
XMLSignatureInput(InputStream is) constructor?

On Mon, 17 Jan 2005 15:08:06 +0100, Hess Yvan <> wrote:
> Some bugs has been found into the verson 1.2 and seems to be corrected.
> can we expect to have a new official release ?
> Regards.  Yvan Hess
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