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From Paul Roebuck <>
Subject [RFC/Q] XML Security 1.0.4
Date Tue, 18 Feb 2003 11:58:19 GMT
Since there was mention of desiring comments, here are my thoughts
after downloading the binary 1.0.4 release...


- Only dot-zip archive available. Grrr. Zip archives don't preserve
file permissions. Make compressed TAR archive available as well.

- Zip archive didn't have a root directory. GRRRRRRRRRRR.
Normally, I check first but for some reason didn't early this morning.
I hate extracting something that scribbles in a common directory.
Most packages extract with a single root-level directory named
<product>-<version>. Much preferred.

- ANT build file could be improved by using 'location' attribute
instead of 'value' for build directories.

- There is a <fixcrlf> ANT task. Use it on the documentation.
Some of us don't use Windows and the '^M' on every line makes reading
the documentation too harsh. Yes, I can [and did] change it myself
but would prefer to make minimal [or better, none] changes to any
distribution of someone else's software.

- Run spellcheck on documentation as well. Update version mismatches;
although it probably hasn't changed itself, the INSTALL file is
still pushing version 1.0.0.

- Color me silly but after tracing down open source configuration
errors in several setups, I really prefer it when JAR files are
named <product>-<version>.jar since it's much easier to determine
when the problem is just that something's out-of-date.


- Could drop the '-bin' portion of the binary distribution file.
If it's not the source distribution, it must be...


Unfortunately, the reason I downloaded it in the first place,
I still can't get it to work with Axis. I downloaded the JCE
implementation as well. I made symlinks from xml-security
subdirectories for 'xmlsec.jar' and 'jce-jdk13-118.jar' in
/path/to/tomcat/common/lib/ with no luck. Yes, I restarted
Tomcat (over and over) with each change. Never noticed any
request to set an XMLSEC_HOME or something of that nature.
Code need anything else from its installation directory?

I get the following error message testing the setup:
>Warning: could not find a dependency of class
> from file xmlsec.jar

[Q] What steps are required to get Axis to use it?

Out of the 10Base-T, through the router, down the T1, over the
leased line, off the bridge, past the firewall... nothing but Net.

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