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From Chris Thistlethwaite <>
Subject Samza Freestyle Build
Date Fri, 12 Jan 2018 01:05:55 GMT

I was working on cleaning up some builds on the Jenkins Windows nodes
and noticed your build failing. When I inspected the output, I noticed
that it was clearly not meant to run on Windows. There were two changes
made to make the build successful:

1. Set the build to only run on Jenkins nodes labeled "ubuntu"
2. Change Gradle from GRADLE_2_4_RC_2 to Gradle 3.5 - Gradle 2.4 has
been depricated.

Build 509 was successful

I made the changes as they were minimal and easy to track through

I'm also not subscripted to this list, so if you reply please include
me in the CC.

-Chris T.

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