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From Chris Riccomini <>
Subject Re: Controlling read offset
Date Mon, 10 Nov 2014 16:36:09 GMT
Hey Alexander,

We have a checkpoint offset tool
(./samza-shell/src/main/bash/, which allows you to read
and write offsets for all input partitions. This tool will allow you to
arbitrarily set offsets before a job starts.

We also support the samza.offset.default, and samza.reset.offset

These allow you to specify whether a job should read from the head or tail
of an input stream when the job first starts.

We don't currently support a way to change offsets once a job has already
started. If you can get more specific about your use case,


On 11/10/14 6:53 AM, "Alexander Taggart" <> wrote:

>We're investigating using Samza, and one aspect of our usage would require
>being able to start a job such that it begins reading from a specified
>Kafka offset.  If I understand correctly, each job being bound to a
>specific partition would need to be provided with a specific offset.  Is
>there any facility for providing such values, either via config or via
>API?  If not, what might be a good approach to implementing it (e.g., a
>custom kafka consumer)?

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