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From Chris Riccomini <>
Subject Re: Samza Jiras
Date Mon, 05 Aug 2013 15:01:19 GMT
Hey All,

Looks like JIRA is up!

I'll start importing some of this stuff today.


On 8/2/13 2:04 PM, "Chris Riccomini" <> wrote:

>Hey Guys,
>I'm sending along my open items for Samza. I'll open up Jiras once we
>have Jira setup. :)
>What else? I'm sure I missed a bunch.
>Add more tests
>  Add SamzaContainer unit tests
>  Add TaskInstance unit tests
>  Add SerdeManager unit tests
>  Add CheckpointManager unit tests
>  Add StringSerde unit tests
>  Add TaskStorageManager unit tests
>  Add DefaultPicker unit tests
>  Add SystemConsumers unit tests
>  Add SystemProducers unit tests
>  Add Util unit tests
>Use queueSize in BlockingEnvelopeMapMetrics
>Use gauge instead of counter for bufferedMessageCountMap
>Add metrics to new classes
>  Add metrics to SamzaContainer/SamzaContainerMetrics
>  Add metrics to TaskInstance/TaskInstanceMetrics
>  Add metrics to TaskStorageManager
>  Add metrics to IncomingMessageEnvelopePicker
>  Add metrics to DefaultPicker
>  Add metrics to SystemConsumers
>  Add metrics to SystemProducers
>  Add metrics to KafkaSystemProducer
>  Add metrics to CachedStore
>  Add metrics to KeyValueStorageEngine
>  Add metrics to LevelDbKeyValueStore
>Rename IncomingMessageEnvelopePicker to MessageChooser
>Write Javadocs for all samza-api interfaces
>Make Gradle auto-generate code formatters for Eclipse and IntelliJ
>Make Gradle enforce code style format
>Make Gradle use JaCoCo for code coverage measurement
>Setup Samza artifacts to Apache's Maven repo
>Add a sleep to BrokerProxy when fetch fails
>Split up SamzaContainer.apply
>Allow producer flushing without a commit
>Setup Hudson CI for Samza
>Cross build all Scala versions in a single build
>Secure Samza's YARN AM
>Add a SetupJob class to handle job startup setup
>Update container website documentation
>Update Samza AM dashboard look and feel
>Add mailing list archive links to mailing list webpage
>Rewrite config
>Make Samza scripts a YARN resource
>Change partitioning scheme
>Support non-JVM languages in Samza
>Write a DSL/query language on top of Samza

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