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From Chris Riccomini <>
Subject Samza Jiras
Date Fri, 02 Aug 2013 21:04:17 GMT
Hey Guys,

I'm sending along my open items for Samza. I'll open up Jiras once we have Jira setup. :)

What else? I'm sure I missed a bunch.




Add more tests
  Add SamzaContainer unit tests
  Add TaskInstance unit tests
  Add SerdeManager unit tests
  Add CheckpointManager unit tests
  Add StringSerde unit tests
  Add TaskStorageManager unit tests
  Add DefaultPicker unit tests
  Add SystemConsumers unit tests
  Add SystemProducers unit tests
  Add Util unit tests
Use queueSize in BlockingEnvelopeMapMetrics
Use gauge instead of counter for bufferedMessageCountMap
Add metrics to new classes
  Add metrics to SamzaContainer/SamzaContainerMetrics
  Add metrics to TaskInstance/TaskInstanceMetrics
  Add metrics to TaskStorageManager
  Add metrics to IncomingMessageEnvelopePicker
  Add metrics to DefaultPicker
  Add metrics to SystemConsumers
  Add metrics to SystemProducers
  Add metrics to KafkaSystemProducer
  Add metrics to CachedStore
  Add metrics to KeyValueStorageEngine
  Add metrics to LevelDbKeyValueStore
Rename IncomingMessageEnvelopePicker to MessageChooser
Write Javadocs for all samza-api interfaces
Make Gradle auto-generate code formatters for Eclipse and IntelliJ
Make Gradle enforce code style format
Make Gradle use JaCoCo for code coverage measurement
Setup Samza artifacts to Apache's Maven repo
Add a sleep to BrokerProxy when fetch fails
Split up SamzaContainer.apply
Allow producer flushing without a commit
Setup Hudson CI for Samza
Cross build all Scala versions in a single build
Secure Samza's YARN AM
Add a SetupJob class to handle job startup setup
Update container website documentation
Update Samza AM dashboard look and feel
Add mailing list archive links to mailing list webpage


Rewrite config
Make Samza scripts a YARN resource
Change partitioning scheme
Support non-JVM languages in Samza
Write a DSL/query language on top of Samza

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