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Subject Re: Royale vs other frameworks
Date Thu, 08 Nov 2018 06:54:55 GMT


I think before including other technologies there are more important things:


*	Work towards 1.0 release. Create a features/release plan.
*	Max out compatibility to currently existing Flex projects in the IT industry. Many many
companies have customer tailored Adobe Flex applications. Easyly transfering them to web would
bring alot of support.
*	Improve stability before adding features. The developers love the maturity of Flex.
*	Find more contributers
*	Find more users
*	May be create a company around Royale offering consultancy services and addon components.
And it would most importantly open Royale up for investors.


Currently we are also exploring Royale to 1. convert existing apps and 2. give our dev team
something they are used to.






Ulrich Müller

Dipl. Inf.



Chemnitz, Germany







Von: Carlos Rovira <> 
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 7. November 2018 23:54
Betreff: Re: Royale vs other frameworks



El mié., 7 nov. 2018 a las 21:09, Fréderic Cox (< <>
>) escribió:

Thanks for clarifying this a bit more Carlos, it is an interesting topic for me as the company
I work for is in some trouble and if I should find a new job (unsure at the moment) then it
can be that I need to use typescript, react or angular .. as the entire dev community seems
to use these days. Nobody has heard of Royale, so I'm planning to look into also because I
like the workflow with AS3 and MXML.


is clear that now the game is Angular, React and VueJS. Royale will need more time to be considered
by more people. I expect that as me and others can get real apps written in Royale, people
will want to enter Royale. I can say that I think now is a good time. But if you are making
a change, I'm afraid you'll need to go with the stablished JS frameworks. Consultancy companies
shell what is hot, since is what clients demand. In my company, since we shell products and
services (not technology itself), we can go with Royale, since our clients don't know how
is done, and it doesn't matter for them, while works ;)

So for us, Royale is the clear winner.



I see similar concepts so far in those Js frameworks I recently started to pick up, I'm not
very skilled in them yet so can't compare it yet. Truth is there are not that many actionscripts
developers anymore so I think part of Royale's succes would be to embrace typescript.


I'm with you, Royale will be a real option with two things:


1) TypeScript support

2) More NodeJS support (We support NodeJS, but I think we need real world testers that know
Royale and signal if we need to improve things, and I'm sure will be some things to improve
for sure)



How would such a thing be achieved? I wouldn't know where to start at this point to be honest


If you refer to add TS support, you can start it as a hobby project trying to get some fun.
Some points I'll do:


1) you'll need to be confortable with Royale, install repos, build with Maven and ANT, build
SDK from repos. Use VS Code with you SDK and try some example, for example Jewel Example.
I think this is a must, don't know how much of this you still know, if not invest some time
trying it. I think is funny


2) Browser compiler code and localize AS3 grammar, and related classes and read in the wiki
how compiler works with this. I think Alex wrote something in the wiki.

You can always ask here. I still does not have the knowledge in that field (hope to acquire
at some time as I end my work in other parts), but others could help you


3) now TS: I think TypeScript grammar should be probably available in a license that we can
use so the work should be to bring it to the project and wire it in the compiler, so .ts files
will be recognized and could be analyzed, processed and compiled. Don't know how much time/effort
could be this, but again, you can ask here.

If you take that seriously and make some PRs with some quality and people see your commits
are reliable (don't break things, and don't need to editing, or few editing) you can become
committer and continue on your own.


If I have time, I think that would be a very cool and fun task to do, but I'm buried in other
tasks, and I think I have work in Royale for years, and others too, so I think we need help
on that field to make that happen.


Thanks and hope you're encouraged to participate! :)





Carlos Rovira




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