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From Serkan Taş <>
Subject Re: Work on Emulation
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2018 18:01:19 GMT
Hi Alex,

There are two cases, one of them is my project the other is related with 
Http services :

I my case,  two transformation classes used for to/from xml with flex view.


And i am not sure but there are some code pieces using xpath kind of 
controls/searches in source base AFAIR.

Having all xml functionality in Royale will be nice of course but if you 
think that  it is better to use e4x for all my code base  i may think on 

Currently i am working on HTTPMultiService because as we discussed 
previously to create fiber HTTPServiceWrapper class and extend it from 
*mx.rpc.http.HTTPMultiService *

There are two classes :
mx.rpc.http.HTTPMultiService * and *mx.rpc.http.mxml.**HTTPMultiService* 
and extends from *mx.rpc.http.HTTPMultiService

***mx.rpc.http.HTTPMultiService **has referance for class 
*AbstractOperation. *This class has emulation for package *mx.rpc* but 
not for *mx.rpc.http *which has references flash.xml.XMLDocument, 
flash.xml.XMLNode and mx.rpc.xml.SimpleXMLDecoder, 

*When i am  emulating **mx.rpc.http.*AbstractOperation *i needed to 
emulate all XML thing.*

*If it is possible to use e4x for these classes also i may do it. I have 
to check all my emulation classes to remember the work i have done 
yesterday :) It is getting harder to recover as life goes.


16.10.2018 20:24 tarihinde Alex Harui yazdı:
> Hi Serkan,
> After looking at the XMLDocument/XMLNode API, it might be a manageable 
> amount of work to map it to e4x.
> On the other hand, if your response from the server is a string in XML 
> format, you can create an e4x XML object by doing:
>     Var xml:XML = new XML(stringFromServer);
> It will parse the string in the constructor.
> Then instead of accessing a childNodes array, you get an XMLList that 
> has an array-like API by calling:
>     Var xmlChildren:XMLList = xml.children();
> Then instead of an XMLNode you get an XML node:
>     Var xmlChildNode:XML = xmlChildren[i];
> HTH,
> -Alex
> *From: *Serkan Taş <>
> *Reply-To: *"" <>
> *Date: *Tuesday, October 16, 2018 at 10:15 AM
> *To: *"" <>
> *Subject: *Re: Work on Emulation
> I am using xml for communicating with a Java application over http 
> (POST/GET) with rest way.  Send/Receive xml.
> I need to replace this messsaging infrastructure with a lightweight 
> approach but not now.
> Reproducing all XML staff may need too much time for sure and i am not 
> sure how to go with XML/XMLList and e4x how much time it may take.
> Let me go step by step, discuss and see what can i do.
> Serkan.
> 16.10.2018 19:58 tarihinde Alex Harui yazdı:
>     I suppose you could try to reproduce XMLDocument.  The only reason
>     it doesn’t exist is because nobody has needed it so far, but
>     creating that could be a lot of work.  Is there a reason you don’t
>     want to use XML/XMLList and e4x?  Does your app decode SOAP
>     responses or are you using SimpleXMLDecoder/Encoder for some other
>     network/server communication?
>     -Alex
>     *From: *Serkan Taş <>
>     <>
>     *Reply-To: *""
>     <> <>
>     <>
>     *Date: *Tuesday, October 16, 2018 at 9:40 AM
>     *To: *"" <>
>     <> <>
>     *Subject: *Work on Emulation
>     Hi,
>     When i have to use xml classes like SimpleXMLDecoder,
>     SimpleXMLEncoder, etc. I need some class implentations like
>     XMLNode, XMLType,XMLDocument. I created the emulations of Encode
>     and Decoder and  created classes XMLNode, XMLType,XMLDocument with
>     empty methods and some variables.
>     What will be the Royale approach for XML operations or will there be ?
>     Thanks
>     Serkan

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