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From Fr├ęderic Cox <>
Subject Evaluating Apache Royale for the long term
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2018 09:31:08 GMT
Hi guys,

Finally you have my full attention :-) I am spending the remainder of this
week (at least) to evaluate using Apache Royale for our company's apps. I'm
evaluating wether it is a good course to convert our existing flex apps
(which currently target Mac OSX, Windows and iOS using Adobe AIR).

I have a couple of early questions after installing VSCode and Josh's
AS/MXML extension.

Our apps are pretty complex, using things like:

* Modules (one application uses ModuleLoader quite heavily)
* Accessing user's hard disk to manipulate files
* AMFPHP for communication with PHP backend
* NativeProcess API to convert images using a compiled version of
ImageMagick (so accessing .exe files and mac executable scripts)
* NativeExtensions

Can this all be used with ApacheRoyale?

Thanks for the information, I'm going to experiment with the examples and
try to convert some parts of apps to see where this is going.

Best regards,


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