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From Carlos Rovira <>
Subject Re: Tour of Heroes(Angular) of Royale version
Date Sat, 18 Aug 2018 09:35:53 GMT
Hi Yu Taro

El vie., 17 ago. 2018 a las 16:55, Yu.Taro (<>) escribió:

> Hi Carlos
>     I don't have website, and glad to publish it as a full article with the
> code.

Great! we need to fix the issues you found and then we can go with the
publishing task :)

>     3. ...ArrayList.removeAll().........Looks like Piotr answer this.
> If removeAll() need to use another Beads, I think it is not intuitive for
> developer.
> Agree Beads is a good design, but databinding is why flex attracting me.
> My thought is databinding is core value and should be easy to use. Beads
> should be use for expand UI component additional functionality.
> In fact, I do not like ApplicationDataBinding / ViewDataBinding /
> ContaninerDataBinding / ItemRendererDataBinding
> Because UI always handle data, almost all UI need to add DataBinding Beads
> and need to know what kind to add.
> I love flex because it's high produtivity, it is easy to use, that
> developer
> can focus on their business logic.

Royale is very modular and while Basic is the simplest expression, in Jewel
like in Express we
can add beads by default. I'm trying to balance when add it or not...maybe
binding beads can be added
directly in those jewel places where we use to have it. This is something I
still need to think more about it
since is something that comes from the most common use cases. As you say
binding use to be used in almost
all apps, so is probably logic to have it in Jewel directly available.

> I know JS has no Vector. but my benchmark is TypeScript. TypeScript has
> Generics. We need it in large application.

I'd love to have Generics in AS3 :)
That's not something where I can help since is not in my zone of expertise.
Hope someone could work on this :)

>     5. ...Is this the way it is working now or the way you want it to work?
> I don’t know that we have focus events working properly..
> Haha.. Sorry for my pool english. I mean it is working now. following test
> steps
> Type a character --- trigger change event
> Focus out --- trigger another change event (I think this is unreasonable)
> I think you're right. We must to look into that. If you can take a look
and send PR that will help a lot, since there's many things on the plate
what do you think?

>     8. ...What do you want to happen if there is a route specified?..
> The Use case will be some one call my application from a url link, and my
> application can respond the right view

We need to create a Routing.swc library. For my that's clear, it's just a
matter of having time or contributors to get that.

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