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From Carlos Rovira <>
Subject Royale - BlazeDS working
Date Thu, 31 May 2018 18:49:58 GMT

I get Royale working with BlazeDS. People using BlazeDS should be able to
finally start developing with Royale now! :)

Right now I'm test it with both the SampleAmfWebApp (in our repo) and with
my own backend (real flex/java app), and seems to work in both.

Things to have into account: While "clientId" is now working (we send the
required PING command, get the DSId and store it for later communication),
we need to use it with small messages turned off (blazeds turn it on by

This is the configuration per channel:

<channel-definition ...>

I think small messages are only something that will make our implementation
shine, but really is not required. I think that will improve a bit over the
normal message size. If you use as well the CompressedRemoteObject, that
will be a killer communication! :)

About small messages, I'm trying to get it work, I uploaded the work
currently done, but still needs more to get it fully working.

As well I uploaded a SimpleRemoteObject that is a simpler version that
should work with AMF backends that require less things like AMFPHP. As I
don't use AMFPHP since many years I can say too much about it, but hope
others will use and report if something more is needed (The same for other
AMF implementations in other technologies).


Carlos Rovira

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