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From devsena <>
Subject Re: library Project in Moonshine IDE
Date Mon, 26 Feb 2018 08:18:00 GMT
Alina Kazi wrote
> I am trying to create and build a sample flex library Project in Moonshine
> IDE.
> No .swc output file generated and no error occurred.
> Settings screenshot:

Thank you for reporting this, Alina. (on a separate note, you can also
report issues to Moonshine at

Usually Moonshine compiles the project's SWC file to its 'bin-debug' folder
(unless you changed the output path at project/Settings/Run). However, in
sample project run the usual output is different than yours:


There is some differences I'm confused about, though -
1. The compiler output shown in your image seems using Royale SDK but in
project's custom SDK selection you've shown its Apache Flex 4.16 with AIR
2. I couldn't seen any reference of attempt compilation to console output,
either (Project > Build Project)

Can you share screen of your project's Settings/Paths and Settings/Run


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