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From piotrz <>
Subject RE: Substitutes in Apache Royale
Date Tue, 20 Feb 2018 09:04:48 GMT
Hi Alina,

Here I am! :) Everything what you need to setup is under right click on the
project -> Settings.

1) Setup Library. Right click on the project and choose Settings. In the
section Libraries choose folder libs. My screenshot:


2) If you need any additional compiler options go to the Build options and
specify them in the "Additional compiler options". I see that you are using
service-config.xml - In my screenshot is an example how did I show compiler
where that file is. 
Royale JS compiler version probably won't understand -service, maybe swf


3) I see among your errors that you are missing playerglobal.swc. Because
you are using js, swf version of Royale you need to download additional
dependencies. To me it is enough if you download playerglobal.swc 11.0 [1]
and place it to frameworks\libs\player\11.0\playerglobal.swc - name should
be as you see here.
Maybe you will have to also download Apache Flex SDK with Adobe AIR and
setup environment variables:

FLEX_HOME=path to the flexsdk folder
AIR_HOME=path to the flexsdk folder

4) Building
Alex is asking you to build your project using SWF compiler - In order to do
that choose "Project" -> "Build Project" - it will use SWF compiler
Build to JS only "Project" -> "Build as JavaScript"



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