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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: Convert s:DateChooser to js:DateChooser
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2017 07:16:51 GMT

>> The thing to do is subclass the DateChooserView and
>> make that dispatch the monthChanged event.

Which as far a s I can see would required more code than the current proposed change.

The new class DateChooserXXXX would need to:
a) extend DateChooser and have the meta tag for the event

You would also need to add a new class DateChooserVIewXXX that would need to:
a) dispatch the event on header change

However the method handleModelChange is private so this would require changing this or overriding
and duplication the code in set strand.

BTW re the event name changes I just thought that this:

 <js:DateChooser id="dc1" height="200" monthChanged="monthChange()" />

Was better than:

 <js:DateChooser id="dc1" height="200” displayMonthChanged="monthChange()" />

But no big deal if you want to keep the old names.

> But haven't you already laid the foundation for this with the Basic
> component and beads. Surely 'all' you have to do is add more beads till they
> cover whatever useful functionality old Flex had.

Having a look at this I can’t see any way that this could be easily added as a bead but
it may be possible.

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