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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Re: Getting An Emulation Component To Run
Date Mon, 15 Oct 2018 09:07:23 GMT
Hi Alina,

Are you sure you are using the latest compiler?  Try compiling examples/mxroyale/RemoteObjectAMFTest.
 It compiles without errors for me.

I have to stop for tonight.  Hopefully others will help you.


On 10/15/18, 1:37 AM, "Alina Kazi" <> wrote:

    Hi Alex,
    We are using MX Remote Object in almost our every Class like this:
    <mx:RemoteObject channelSet="{parentApplication.amfChannelSet}" id="DataProviderService"
    						 destination="shmBasic" fault="handleFault(event);"
    						 result="handleResult(event);" />
    We get error ASBlocker subsystem.
    When we comment RemoteObject we need to comment methods those are using it.
    I agree with that if I will delete some code for compilation I will face other issues
at later stage.
    Can I replace mx:remoteObject with  :
    <s:RemoteObject id="ro" endpoint=";;sdata=T7o0iUjll2S8NMm7ej9YL2zDdO6jnSxLIuxG%2BCT7cfs%3D&amp;reserved=0"
    Thanks in Advance,
    Alina Kazi
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    From: Alex Harui [] 
    Sent: Monday, October 15, 2018 1:16 PM
    Subject: Re: Getting An Emulation Component To Run
    Hi Alina,
    I recommend just running the compiled application and fixing problems as you run into
    If you start copying code and deleting other code, you cannot guarantee that the results
will run.  I'm not even sure TitleWindow is a valid child control of an Application.  Usually
it is a popup dialog.
    When you run the application, you will probably find exceptions in the console.  Set a
breakpoint, see if you can figure out why it is generating an exception. Change the code as
    If you aren’t getting exceptions, then look at the element tree.  Either all of the
expected elements have been created or not.  If not, then look at the innermost element to
see what it is.  In the properties for the element is a royale_wrapper property that points
to the transpiled AS3 class.  That can help you know what class didn't create its children.
 Check the _beads array of that class to see if it created its beads or not.  If not, check
the CSS for that element, or debug into its code.  Usually, addedToParent is where the view
bead is added.
    If the elements have been created, check the sizes.  Often some of them will have width
or height = 0.  Try to figure why it is getting a bad size.
    If you take this approach, then if you get stuck you can ask a much more specific question
and we can give you more specific answers.
    Unfortunately, our days only overlap by a few hours, but I hope other committers can help
as well.  It is in their best interest to improve their help and debugging skills.
    On 10/15/18, 12:59 AM, "Alina Kazi" <> wrote:
        Hi Alex,
        As our whole application is compiled successfully without error as a part of SparkRoyale
        Now, We have created a project like tourdeflexmodules to compile and visually see
the application output.
        Initially started with the basic(small) file of our application that is used by most
of the files of our Application.
        We have a file in our application "Picklist.mxml"
        It was actually like :
        we want to see it visually as all our mx and spark controls are already added in Apache
        Deleted whole code accept visual controls from src file :
        Nothing shows inside spark BorderContainer & TitleWindow. 
        How can we see all visual controls as they were in Flex of this particular file.
        Even spark BorderContainer default.css is copied from Flex ->Royale.
        Alina Kazi
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        From: Alex Harui [] 
        Sent: Monday, October 15, 2018 11:15 AM
        Subject: Re: Getting An Emulation Component To Run
        Hi Alina,
        Different APIs will have different solutions.  Pick an API you want to have work and
let's discuss how to make it work.
        On 10/14/18, 10:48 PM, "Alina Kazi" <> wrote:
            Hi Alex,
            All mx and spark class methods those were left empty for the compilation of Application.
            Also Module does not show anything on screen.
            Thanks in Advance,
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            From: Alex Harui [] 
            Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2018 12:32 PM
            Subject: Re: Getting An Emulation Component To Run
            Hi Alina,
            Which components or properties are you trying to get to run?
            On 10/10/18, 10:40 PM, "Alina Kazi" <> wrote:
                Hi Alex,
                What if CSS for a component is not written in Basic / Express defaults.css?
                And We need it in MXRoyale / SparkRoyale
                Alina Kazi
                From: Alex Harui [] 
                Sent: Monday, October 08, 2018 8:40 PM
                To: Alina Kazi
                Subject: Re: Getting An Emulation Component To Run
                Hi Alina,
                Please ask these questions on dev@ as well.   
                CSS with ClassReference is a way to use Composition to customize components.
  Copying code is usually a bad practice as it creates maintenance issues.  So, in general,
the preference should be to use CSS.
                From: Alina Kazi <>
                Date: Monday, October 8, 2018 at 2:02 AM
                To: Alex Harui <>
                Subject: Getting An Emulation Component To Run
                Hi Alex,
                We want to know how can we identify which is the right stub? 
                For Example: selected property written differently in CheckBox, RadioButton
                we want selected property for Button. How can we identify and pick the right
code for Button?
                1.       copying the little bits of code from the Basic or Express version
into the right stub in the Emulation Component
                2.       copying the CSS from Basic or Express defaults.css into the MXRoyale
or SparkRoyale defaults.css
                Thanks in Advance,
                Alina Kazi

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