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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Royale, Emulation, ResourceManager, and Flex
Date Sun, 14 Oct 2018 21:56:38 GMT

I just pushed support for old Flex resource bundles in Royale.  Some people migrating old
Flex apps will find it more convenient and may even require that [ResourceBundle] metadata

The interesting piece of this is that we can use the Flex resource bundles as is.  They don't
need to be re-compiled by Royale from .properties files.

The question for us is about how to deal with downloading these bundles.  Right now, I've
commented out [ResourceBundle] metadata and the -library-path options that point to the Flex
bundles until we figure out where to put them and how.

I think for Ant, it is as simple as downloading a Flex SDK and grabbing the bundles.  The
Royale build already grabs PixelBender.  The Flex SDK download is big, so it will slow up
builds from scratch.

For Maven, it is trickier.  I don't think there are Maven artifacts for Flex resource SWCs.
 Does anybody know for sure, one way or another?  If not, we might manually publish the SWCs
as artifacts.

I'm not in favor of copying the Flex properties files into the Royale repo and putting together
Ant and Maven builds for them, but if some volunteer wants to do it, I won't object, I just
don't want to spend my time doing it, since these files should effectively be immutable.


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