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From Josh Tynjala <>
Subject Re: Difficulties with using in project JS version of Royale swc
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2018 17:21:42 GMT
Hey Piotr,

There's something a little strange in your compiler options that you should probably fix:

You're specifying JSRoyale and js-config.xml together, but these two aren't necessarily compatible.
Here's what you have in your compiler options:


However, it should either be this:


or maybe this (depending on if you want Royale components or pure JS):


Basically, you use JSRoyale with royale-config.xml, or you use JS with js-config.xml. The
JSRoyale and JS targets produce very similar output, but it's best not to assume that they're
exactly the same in all cases.

(As a side note, it's worth mentioning that there's also the JSNode target that's meant to
work with node-config.xml. JSNode also produces different output than JSRoyale or JS because
it generates code for Node.js)

One last thing. In order to use -compiler.targets=SWF,JS to build a SWC, you'll need my compiler
changes from yesterday. For some reason, that was throwing an exception, while -compiler.targets=SWF,JSRoyale
did not. I suspect that this may be why you were using JSRoyale instead of JS, but now JS
should work too!

- Josh

On 2018/09/11 09:45:52, Piotr Zarzycki <> wrote: 
> Hi Guys,
> I'm having difficulties with using created Royale SWC in some project. I
> have two projects. (I've uploaded them on onedrive so you can try it
> yourself).
> Using SWF version of prepared swc I'm able to build project with
> compiler.targets=SWF. Unfortunately using JS version of that SWC I'm not
> able to build project with it. [1]
> 1. Library itself [2] - It contains configurations compile-swf-config.xml
> and compile-js-config.xml. Folder "bin" has swc JS and SWF version.
> 2. Consumer of library [3] - This one is configured with Moonshine and
> VSCode.
> I'm building JS and SWF version of SWC using following command lines [4]
> Does anyone is seeing what could be wrong ? Those command lines [4] are
> based on how Royale is building swcs Basic, Jewel etc.
> [1]
> [2]!ApVpLyjpHDC2hZwM9OY5sNinrirEvQ
> [3]!ApVpLyjpHDC2hZwNgXaX_G_qZip39g
> [4]
> Thanks,
> -- 
> Piotr Zarzycki
> Patreon: *
> <>*

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