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From hiedra <>
Subject Install Apache Royale in Flash Builder 4.7
Date Sun, 09 Sep 2018 22:41:35 GMT

I'm testing the different IDEs and the first has been Flash Builder (my
current project in flex is in Flash Builder 4.7 and I'd like to make it work
with Apache Royale) although I think we'll stay with Moonshine ...

I'm following the tutorial

I have unzipped the sdk (apache-royale-0.9.2-bin-js-swf) and I have copied
it to the folder "D:\Program Files (x86)\Apache Royale\". I have modified
basedir on the files:
[1] "D:\Program Files (x86)\Apache
[2] "D:\Program Files (x86)\Apache Royale\royale-asjs\InstallAdobeSDKs.xml"

with these values:

[1] <project name="flashbuilder_antscripts" default="convert_project"
basedir="D:\Program Files (x86)\Apache Royale\royale-asjs">
[2] <project name="InstallAdobeSDKs" default="install" basedir="D:\Program
Files (x86)\Apache Royale\royale-asjs">

But I have been stuck in:

To be able to use the Flash Builder Launch Configurations, set the current
directory to the royale-asjs/ide/flashbuilder folder and run:

% ant -f antscripts.xml setup

If you want SWF output, set the current directory to the royale-asjs folder
and run and follow the instructions in:

% ant -f InstallAdobeSDKs.xml

I have never worked directly with ANT, I did all Flash Builder, and I do not
know how to execute the commands: "ant -f antscripts.xml setup" and "ant -f

Can you help me?


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