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From Harbs <>
Subject Re: Emulation Components, Examples, Docs
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2018 11:12:45 GMT
Thanks for the work on this. I hope folks step up to the plate here.

Personally, I’m struggling to get my head above water after summer vacation right now…


> On Aug 18, 2018, at 10:39 PM, Alex Harui <> wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I've been making progress on migrating Tour De Flex.  The latest JS debug version is
> You can compare it to the Tour De Flex on the Apache Flex site:
> It is not a goal to achieve pixel-for-pixel replication of Tour De Flex, and we may never
quite get there.  The way fonts are rendered in the SWF version may be specific to Flash.
 But I think you can see that it is a reasonable replication of the app.  I'm on vacation
for a week then I will be continuing the migration, adding more of the examples.  It would
be great to have others help out.  There have been very few changes to the original source
code.  Almost all of the work has been in the framework, emulation components and compiler.
> One thing to note in the JS version.  I commented out the Copy and Copy Link buttons
because they really aren't needed in the JS version.  You can just select the text you want
and use the browser menus to copy the source code.  That's something you could not do in the
SWF version.
> Thanks,
> -Alex
> On 8/1/18, 6:01 PM, "Alex Harui" <> wrote:
>    Hi Folks,
>    I've been slowly getting various emulation components to work.  More help is needed
>    It occurred to me that a more complex use case would be helpful, so I decided to try
migrating the Tour De Flex application.  The released Tour De Flex uses SWFLoader and sub-applications
which are not used in the two API Reports we've received, so I made a copy of Tour De Flex
and replaced SWFLoader and sub-Applications with ModuleLoader and Modules.  The working Flex
version (built by the Flex SDK) is in the flex-examples repo.
>    I took that code and copied it into the feature/MXRoyale branch.  It exposed several
compiler issues which I've fixed, and some missing APIs and other minor cleanup which I've
just pushed to that branch.  But now, the main shell (3 MXML files) and the Welcome example
compile.  Next step is to get them to run, then start working on other examples.
>    Volunteers would be helpful to try to provide better written documentation of the
steps I've taken in the migration.  If you run "git log -- examples/mxroyale/tourdeflexmodules"
you will see the changes I've had to make to the app (and skip changes to the framework).
 I've tried to leave useful comments on those commits.  It would save me much time if someone
would try to turn that into written doc so I can focus on getting the code to actually run.
 And later, to look reasonable.
>    Other volunteers would be helpful to try to migrate other examples in Tour De Flex
and get them to run.
>    Because Tour De Flex doesn't really use any 3rd party libraries, I was able to get
the first four MXML files to compile cleanly in relatively few commits and if it weren't for
me having to stop and fix compiler and framework issues, that milestone would have been reached
in a matter of an hour or two.
>    Anyway, please help if you can.
>    Later,
>    -Alex

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