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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Re: Migrating Enterprise Flex Application
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2018 06:16:29 GMT
Two weeks is pretty short given where we are now, depending on what they are looking for to
convince them to fund migrating to Royale.

What is the total time they expect to have a working app without Flex?  If you port your Flex
app to some other JS framework, that could take several person-years.  So saying 2 weeks is
not wise, IMO.  The reason folks should choose migrating with Royale instead of porting to
some other JS framework is because AS and MXML are structured, and giving up on that and porting
all of that code to unstructured source is like building a large building without any forms
or braces that enforce structure.  More mistakes will be made, and many will be hard to find
and some will have a huge impact.  By investing in Royale, your company gets to leverage the
same structured source code it has been using.  They get additional engineering talent by
leveraging the other committers and contributors on this project. IOW, if you need some Flex
API emulated, someone other than you in the Royale community might already be working on it.
 By migrating to some other JS framework, you have to replace or emulate that API yourself.

If you have a dialog box or some UI that contains only DG, List, TextInput, Button, ComboBox,
RadioButton, CheckBox, we should be able to make that appear on screen in two weeks, but it
may not look that nice.  So it depends a bit on whether your management wants to see if Royale
is ready now, or has a chance of being ready sooner than going to some other JS framework.


´╗┐On 7/10/18, 8:42 PM, "chembali" <> wrote:

    The management has asked me to do a POC and demo it to them before they can
    fund the migration project. Can I just convert couple of screens in the
    existing Flex web app to Apache Royale JS? Do you think it is doable in 2
    weeks? What are the step that I should take to make this happen? Please
    share your thoughts. This is going to be the critical 2 weeks for this
    migration project. 
    Thank you
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