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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Re: Migrating Enterprise Flex Application
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2018 17:21:11 GMT
Hi Carlos,

Until Jewel has more of the views for existing Flex controls, it isn't worth trying to re-use
Jewel view beads in the emulation components.  Once you have more of them working, then we'll
simply try them and fix bugs.


´╗┐On 7/19/18, 6:42 AM, " on behalf of Carlos Rovira" <
on behalf of> wrote:

    Hi Alex,
    about trying to use Jewel as view part, I think we should trace a plan. I
    still have work in my TODO list, for example I think my next stop is Jewel
    DateFiels and Jewel DropDownList/ComboBox... but I still want to try the
    "exploded" component route. So using StyledUIBase in MXML adding beads I
    can get a Jewel Button, a Jewel Slider and so on...
    But as well although I think I'll not use emulation components on our App,
    I think will be good if I must have some rules into account to make Jewel
    visualization reusable.
    For this I think we should create a thread, and maybe a example project
    where we could work together and make the convergence of code possible.
    I think one problem is that if we expect from others to code what we have
    in mind, that will never happen, since I think although we share a "macro"
    view perspective, in the "micro" view we all have, as normal, different
    ways of approach, so the only way I see is to join forces in integrating
    things, more over where you have a huge knowledge of things happening in
    emulation, while I have the same on things happening on Jewel.
    2018-07-19 9:35 GMT+02:00 Alex Harui <>:
    > I think you can look at mx.controls.DateField and
    > mx.controls.NumericStepper.  The key piece is their entries in the
    > defaults.css in the MXRoyale project.  That dictates which beads are used.
    > If a bead has a package name starting with mx, then it is probably a
    > subclass of an org.apache.royale bead.
    > I hope to finish up MenuBar shortly and then try to write up a wiki page
    > or something about what it takes to get these emulation components to
    > function.
    > HTH,
    > -Alex
    > On 7/18/18, 9:24 PM, "chembali" <> wrote:
    >     Very helpful posts indeed. Can you tell me a couple of classic
    > emulation
    >     examples that I can look at? I am hoping to take a look at them and
    >     understand the pattern.
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