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From bhau <>
Subject Re: compc compiler error
Date Mon, 23 Jul 2018 19:18:20 GMT
Hi Alex,

Generating api-report is not a problem. It is getting generated through
MXLMC and COMPC compiler. 

Please advise (and correct me also) on my approach (or understanding) for

1) API report contains list of all components being used in my application
(or module) . It is not the list of components needs to be emulated. I was
generated this api-report by running MXMLC on my main application mxml file
to find out which components I have to work on for this migration.  But you
have suggested to generate api-report for all modules (one by one) ,which is
very huge list.

2) I don't know which of these components from api-report have been already
emulated completely and which are only emulated with compile only mode.  How
can I find out to calculate my final to-do list for emulation ?

3) You have mentioned in earlier response that I don't have to remove any
adobe flex references before running compc compiler. That means I don't have
to replace adobe mx/spark namespace with Royale namespace in any of my mxml
file.  Does Royale compiler need command line argument to locate these adobe
classes (or libraries) ? Does Royale compiler has some mapping between adobe
mx/spark to Royale mx/spark components to generate corresponding js files? 
How and where does it find that?

4) If I have to generate only js files (no swf files) for migration. What
would be right approach for application having many modules linked with each


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