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From Olaf Krueger <>
Subject Re: Migrating Enterprise Flex Application
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2018 11:06:14 GMT

>Is it realistic to count on you guys to deliver the emulation components 

Just to make sure that you got it right:
As I understand, the only goal of the emulation components is that you will
be able to compile your app in order to ease the migration process.
Those emulation components aren't a replacement for mx or spark components
and will probably never be. Of course... I could be wrong ;-)


I am pretty sure that Cairngorm itself depends on Flex/Flash.
Maybe it's a good idea to go through the Cairngorm source code in order to
get an idea of it.
As Harbs already mentioned PureMVC is another MVC framework which was
written in pure AS3 without any dependencies. Because of this, it compiles
just out of the box.
If it turns out that Cairngorm also has no dependencies, give it a try and
compile it.
Otherwise, you can try to replace those dependencies.

Regarding the other libs:
Maybe you want to extract all required classes/components from each
particular lib.
Then you can think about their particular replacements.

Apart from that, maybe it is also worth to think about a renewal of the
entire UI or parts of it instead of trying to find perfectly matching
counterparts for the current UI which could feel a bit outdated.

Hmmm... not sure if this post is really helpful ;-)

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