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From Olaf Krueger <>
Subject Re: Coming back to discussion over separating libs (Was Re: No Touch support?)
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2018 08:19:47 GMT
Hi Carlos,
you are right, the title "Jewel Refactoring" is misleading, sorry.
It should mean the SDK refactoring in favour of the Jewel development.

Anyway, I was absent the last few weeks and probably not up-to-date.
But it seems to me that you all are still searching for a solution?

So, even if anything is already said and discussed, it is maybe a good idea
to collect all the points (pros and cons) in order to get a decision.

I am interested in two points:
- If we decide to decouple Jewel from Basic and introduce a Core and/or
Foundation package: Is there any volunteer out there who will do this work?

- Is it impossible to evolve Jewel if the SDK architecture remains as it is
or is it "just" inconvenient?


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