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From "Frost, Andrew" <>
Subject RE: Migrating Enterprise Flex Application
Date Thu, 28 Jun 2018 18:38:23 GMT
Sure thing, we'll take a look at this... 

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From: Alex Harui [] 
Sent: 28 June 2018 17:57
Subject: [EXTERNAL] Re: Migrating Enterprise Flex Application

Hi Andrew,

Yes, a --verbose flag would be a great idea.  Do you want to volunteer to add it?   Could
be a good way to get to know the code base.


´╗┐On 6/28/18, 2:01 AM, "Frost, Andrew" <> wrote:

    Yes I just tried with your config file, I don't get anything hanging although I've got
a later Flex SDK so some of the paths/SWC files you're including from that are coming up with
    Maybe it's worth a slightly more verbose output from the compiler so that we can see how
far it's getting.. Alex would you think it's worth doing something 'official' with a -verbose
flag, in case this sort of thing needs to be examined in the future? Or it could just be a
one-off hack (or using the Eclipse debugger to walk through the compilation process to find
the issue..).
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    From: chembali [] 
    Sent: 28 June 2018 09:46
    Subject: [EXTERNAL] Re: Migrating Enterprise Flex Application
    I got the nightly build on June 22. It looks like the
issue may not be related to the flex-config.xml. I tried to compile another component source
and it went ahead and compiled the component giving a bunch of compile errors. It did not
hang though.
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