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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Re: 0.9.3 Release
Date Fri, 25 May 2018 19:37:14 GMT
In case folks are wondering, I deleted the release/0.9.3 branches from all 3 repos.  There
have been changes made in each of the branches since the branches were cut and there were
also issues with the royale-compiler and royale-typedefs branches not having synced version
numbers to their develop branches.

I see a vote thread opened today on Maven's lists for the SCM plug in.

AIUI, we are on hold for a release unless we get general consensus to what commit hash to
release from for royale-asjs.


´╗┐On 5/17/18, 3:02 AM, " on behalf of Carlos Rovira" <
on behalf of> wrote:

    The minimun change is to see package names change.
    Take into account that all is building and working ok. Only we have
    problems in jsonly build since is only depends on ANT (what I think is not
    good, since is missing maven build), in "/mustella/tests/basicTests/".
    Looking at what's happening in that part will solve the build.
    2018-05-17 11:40 GMT+02:00 Harbs <>:
    > You are right. I missed this.
    > What is the minimum change necessary to get this to work?
    > > On May 17, 2018, at 12:24 PM, Carlos Rovira <>
    > wrote:
    > >
    > >  I think you missed one important point I
    > > posted in other email: All blog post samples posted that are using the
    > > actual names, packages and namespaces. If you release 0.9.3 without all
    > > that, we can destroy out credibility since in all posts we have:
    > >
    > > "The example uses the new Jewel UI set that supports themes. Jewel will
    > be
    > > available in the forthcoming 0.9.3 release of Royale. In the meanwhile
    > you
    > > can find it in the develop branch."
    > >
    > > and the code is tailored with the actual api.
    > >
    > > For that reason, I think is important to hold 0.9.3 until it can ship
    > with
    > > all that we are promising in website and social networks for the latest 2
    > > months. I think this is crucial.
    Carlos Rovira

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