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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Re: Deal with Themes build
Date Mon, 09 Apr 2018 15:34:34 GMT
Hi Carlos,

Seems like a separate Maven profile and/or Ant target should run SASS to
generate the .css files.  There is no requirement from other Royale code
for the themes to be built into SWCs.  You can specify a .CSS file or a
.SWC file as a theme.  It is only for Maven that theme CSS files are built
into SWCs and that is only because I didn't want to take the time to
figure out how to make a CSS file a valid Maven artifact. I still don't
want to take that time.  Maybe you can figure it out.  Then I think this
build problem will mostly go away.


On 4/9/18, 7:32 AM, " on behalf of Carlos Rovira"
< on behalf of> wrote:

>I just committed first No flat themes in 12 color variations and Light /
>Dark versions. These are 36 * 2 projects = 72 projects
>Still I must commit the Flat versions this means another 72 theme projects
>to make a total of 144 project themes
>You will use it using picking up 3 of them (Primary, Secondary and
>Emphasized) and normally you'll choose all light/flat, or light/no flat,
>and so on... (4 options here)
>So these means to build 144 projects. In my machine (MacBook Pro 2014 i7),
>these means 6 minutes.
>So, until now I use to build "royale-asjs", that means all "frameworks"
>project that means "projects" and "themes"
>Now my plan is to build "royale-asjs", "projects" or "themes" as I needed,
>and rest of you (not working on themes), should run"royale-asjs" when
>needed and most of the time run "projects", to skip overhead of build
>themes, since you'll have already the latest CSS that I generate and
>Another options we can do is make themes separate build from framework
>projects the same as "examples" since you mostly will not need to
>regenerate each time all that 144 CSS files.
>Let me know what you prefer.
>Carlos Rovira

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