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From Harbs <>
Subject Re: YUI compressor for CSS (relates to apache/royale-compiler#39)
Date Mon, 09 Apr 2018 18:57:00 GMT
Woah. Did I read that right?

Anyone who uses Jewel will automatically have a 31k of CSS before any app specific css? That’s
a lot of CSS which might or might not be used. My current app has a total of 13KB *including*
my custom css.

> On Apr 9, 2018, at 9:32 PM, Carlos Rovira <> wrote:
> Alex,
> 2018-04-09 19:44 GMT+02:00 Alex Harui <>:
>> Yes, YUI does lots of things, but how often are folks going to write the
>> CSS it can optimize?  If you change our emitter so that it removes line
>> breaks, last semicolon, and most comments, everything else YUI can do will
>> likely have minimal effect.
>> If YUI is BSD it can be used, but I personally do not want to take the
>> time to verify that ALL of YUI is BSD compliant, update the builds,
>> LICENSE, etc, when the net benefit might be that someone was lazy about
>> margins and YUI saved them 20 bytes.  If that's where you want to spend
>> your energy, that's fine, but I really think we have more important things
>> to do.
> If YUI is only 16 java classes of code. Since is a Yahoo library we can
> expect it is truly BSD right?
> (I mean is not like to go other library by some individual that will be
> more tricky)
> and if BSD is ok for us, I think I'll take much less time importing and
> using it than looking how it works
> and try to copy the code and make it work for us.
> What is more obscure to me is things related to ANT and builds...and maybe
> I'll need some help there from you
> But I think this solution is more robust that introducing our own code that
> not only can introduce other bugs
> (since can be removing things that should not be removed) and in the end
> can cost us much time imagining what's
> happening. So I prefer to depend on well proven and used code than in my
> own code, that's my humble opinon on this
> About what we save: I tried it and the results for current JewelTheme are:
> -debug mode : 31k
> -YUI: 22k
> that's 34% of reduction
> Think that actual theme can be completed at 30%, so the the savings can be
> significant.
> -- 
> Carlos Rovira

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