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From Dany Dhondt <>
Subject Re: [Discussion] "Life after FlashPlayer" post @flex lists (Was: Royale Frameworks and More)
Date Sun, 29 Apr 2018 10:50:14 GMT
Hi all,

A few thoughts:

In our organization, I built a big backoffice web application in Flex about 2 years ago. Now,
we are obliged to make it future proof, which means, no Flash dependency at all.
We chose react.js. So the last couple of months, I studied react, npm, node, webpack, babel,
It’s clear that the most popular technologies for creating web applications nowadays are
cli driven packages like react, angular, (vue)
I really think royale should be in this list!
The whole thing is about getting people up and running in no time. And getting started quickly
is all about configuration. 
An example: for react, a npm package create-react-app is available which is as simple as:

create-react-app my-app
cd my-app
yarn start (or npm start)

These commands setup a whole file structure, configures webpack and babel, runs a local dev
server and start up a boilerplate app. Ready to go!

couldn’t we make a create-royale-app package?

This boilerplate could contain a ready-to-go set of components:
Navigationheader on top, then a left pane and content pane, which are responsive and a set
of basic components like drop down, button, list, …

All this packed with a clean but robust set of css styling.

I spent the last couple of days searching for a component library for react. A few examples:
material-ui, React bootstrap, Ant design, Blueprint, …
So far I didn’t find any package which meet my 2 most important criteria:

- Complete set of components
- Well written component api documentation

I think that a lot of (former) flex developers chose a similar path like me but are more than
willing to give royale a go. 

It is important to know that the majority of these developers (like myself) have quite a lot
of ‘development skills and experience’ but have far less knowledge of what’s going on
under the hood. 
We can’t expect them to go through days of configuration frustrations before getting started
with what is their core business.

So, as much as I agree with the ‘Life after FlashPlayer’ questionnaire, I would like to
see it posted with a big button at the end saying ‘TRY ROYALE NOW'


> Op 29 apr. 2018, om 10:52 heeft Piotr Zarzycki <> het
volgende geschreven:
> +1 for Olaf's email and Alex's changes.
> Piotr
> On Sun, Apr 29, 2018, 7:15 AM Alex Harui <> wrote:
>> Hi Olaf,
>> Great first draft!  It is fine as is, and I really like that it is short.
>> The only thing I'm tempted to try to add is an earlier introduction to who
>> "we" are, that it is the Royale/FlexJS folks asking and not the Flex PMC or
>> some other group.
>> So one idea is to just to start with "Hello from the Royale (FlexJS) team"
>> instead of "Hi".
>> Or enhancing "So, we are really interested..." with "So, we, the Royale
>> (FlexJS) team, are really interested..."
>> My 2 cents,
>> -Alex
>> On 4/28/18, 1:11 PM, "Olaf Krueger" <> wrote:
>>   Hi,
>>> IMO, we don’t need a survey, just the right words in the subject and
>> body
>>> of emails that will start > > > discussion and elicit responses...
>>   After thinking about it a bit more I came to the conclusion that
>> there's no
>>   need to mention Royale as an alternative to Flex in order to start a
>>   discussion.
>>   I guess what we all want to know is what all those Flex users and apps
>> are
>>   doing out there.
>>   So I've focused on this and wrote a first draft [1], please take a
>> look at
>>   it and make your comments.
>>   Feel free to revise it.
>>   Thanks,
>>   Olaf
>>   [1]
>>   Life after FlashPlayer, are you prepared?
>>   Hi,
>>   even if Flex with AIR is still an awesome and outstanding technology,
>> Flex
>>   in the browser ends with the end of FlashPlayer in 2020.
>>   To be clear: There will be no way to run your Flex apps in current
>> Browser
>>   versions around 2020!
>>   The Flex mailing lists are followed by a few hundred people and we
>> assume
>>   that there are still a lot of Flex browser apps out there.
>>   So, we are really interested in what you are planning to do with your
>> Flex
>>   apps, e.g.
>>   - Do you need to stick with the browser at all?
>>   - Do you plan to migrate your Flex apps to whatever other technology?
>>   - Did you already migrate your Flex apps to whatever other technology?
>>   - ...
>>   If you are reading this post and have a Flex app, please speak up
>> about what
>>   your plans are.
>>   Thanks,
>>   Olaf
>>   On behalf of the Apache Royale (FlexJS) PMC
>>   --
>>   Sent from:

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